British Journal of Nutrition

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Generalized equations for predicting body density of men

A. S. Jacksona1 p1 and M. L. Pollocka1 p2

a1 Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Institute of Aerobics Research, Dallas, Texas, USA


1. Skinfold thickness, body circumferences and body density were measured in samples of 308 and ninety-five adult men ranging in age from 18 to 61 years.

2. Using the sample of 308 men, multiple regression equations were calculated to estimate body density using either the quadratic or log form of the sum of skinfolds, in combination with age, waist and forearm circumference.

3. The multiple correlations for the equations exceeded 0.90 with standard errors of approximately ±0.0073 g/ml.

4. The regression equations were cross validated on the second sample of ninety-five men. The correlations between predicted and laboratory-determined body density exceeded 0.90 with standard errors of approximately 0.0077 g/ml.

5. The regression equations were shown to be valid for adult men varying in age and fatness.

(Received August 03 1977)

(Accepted February 28 1978)


p1 Department of Health and Physical Education, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA.

p2 Cardiovascular Disease Section, Mount Sinai Medical Center, University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.