Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

I. Papers of the Physical Class

VIII. A New Series for the Rectification of the Ellipsis; together with some Observations on the Evolution of the Formula (a2 + b2 − 2ab cos θ)n

James Ivory

Dear Sir,

Having, as you know, bestowed a good deal of time and attention on the study of that part of physical astronomy which relates to the mutual disturbances of the planets, I have, naturally, been led to consider the various methods of resolving the formula (a2 + b2 − 2ab cos θ)2 into infinite series of the form A + B cos θ + C cos 2θ + &c. In the course of these investigations, a series for the rectification of the ellipsis occurred to me, remarkable for its simplicity, as well as its rapid convergency. As I believe it to be new, I send it you, inclosed, together with some remarks on the evolution of the formula just mentioned, which, if you think proper, you may submit to the consideration of the Royal Society.