Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

I. Papers of the Physical Class

I. Account of a Mineral from Strontian, and of a peculiar Species of Earth which it contains

Thomas Charles Hopea1

a1 Professor of Medicine in the University of Glasgow, and Physician to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The mineral, of which I have the honour to lay an account before the Society, was brought to Edinburgh in considerable quantity about six years ago by a dealer in fossils, though indeed it had found its way, long before this period, into one or two collections.

By some it was mistaken for fluor. Its great specific gravity, its fibrous appearance, and its quality of forming an insoluble substance with sulphuric acid, made it generally be received as the native carbonate of barytes. From a few experiments, I was led at that time to entertain some doubt of its being any form of barytes ; and for several years, when I filled the chemical chair in the University of Glasgow, I used, when I exhibited the mineral itself, to mention in my lectures such of its properties as I had discovered, and which indicated that it did not belong to the barytic genus.