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Probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in a fermented milk product with added fruit preparation reduce antibiotic associated diarrhea and Helicobacter pylori activity

Michael de Vresea1 c1, Holger Kristena1, Peter Rautenberga2, Christiane Lauea3 and Jürgen Schrezenmeira1a3

a1 Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry of Nutrition, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food, D-24103 Kiel, Germany

a2 Institute for Medical Microbiology and Virology, D-24105 Kiel, Germany

a3 Centre for Biotechnology and Nutrition, D-24106 Kiel, Germany


To investigate matrix-specifity of probiotic effects and particularly of the reduction of antibiotics-associated diarrhea, a controlled, randomized, double-blind study was performed, in which 88 Helicobacter pylori-infected but otherwise healthy subjects were given for eight weeks either a) a probiotic fruit yoghurt “mild” containing Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 plus Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12, n=30), b) the same product but pasteurized after fermentation (n=29) or c) milk acidified with lactic acid (control, n=29). During week five, a Helicobacter eradication therapy was performed. Helicobacter activity was measured via 13C-2-urea breath tests and antibiotic-associated diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal complaints were recorded by validated questionnaires. In intervention group a, b and c the mean number of days with diarrhoea was 4, 10 and 10 (P<0·05), the frequency of episodes 17%, 7% and 27% (n.s.), and the change in total symptoms score before antibiotics treatment was −1·4±1·1, −1·2±1·1, 2·6±1·1 points/four weeks (P<0·05). All milk products decreased Helicobacter activity by 18 to 45% without significant differences between groups. The observed decrease in Hel. pylori activity seems to be not or not only due to probiotic bacteria but (rather) to components of acidified milk (most probably lactic acid). Fruit-yogurt-like fermented milk products with living probiotic bacteria significantly shorten the duration of antibiotics-associated diarrhoea and improve gastrointestinal complaints. Fruit yogurt-like fermented milk is a matrix suitable for probiotic bacteria.

(Received August 17 2010)

(Accepted May 22 2011)

(Online publication August 26 2011)


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