MRS Proceedings

Table of Contents - Volume  1341  - Symposium U – Nuclear Radiation Detection Materials  

Editors : A. Burger, M. Fiederle, L. Franks, K. Lynn, D.L. Perry, K. Yasuda


Growth of detector-grade CZT by Traveling Heater Method (THM): An advancement

2011 MRS Spring Meeting.

U. N. Roya1, S. Weilera1, J. Steina1, M. Grozaa2, A. Burgera2, A. E. Bolotnikova3, G. S. Camardaa3, A. Hossaina3, G. Yanga3 and R. B. Jamesa3

a1 FLIR Radiation Inc., 100 Midland Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

a2 Department of Physics, 1000, 17th Avenue North, Fisk University, Nashville, TN 37208

a3 Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11793


In this present work we report the growth of Cd0.9Zn0.1Te doped with In by a modified THM technique. It has been demonstrated that by controlling the microscopically flat growth interface, the size distribution and concentration of Te inclusions can be drastically reduced in the as-grown ingots. This results in as-grown detector-grade CZT by the THM technique. The three-dimensional size distribution and concentrations of Te inclusions/precipitations were studied. The size distributions of the Te precipitations/inclusions were observed to be below the 10-μm range with the total concentration less than 105 cm-3. The relatively low value of Te inclusions/precipitations results in excellent charge transport properties of our as-grown samples. The (μτ)e values for different as-grown samples varied between 6-20 x10-3 cm2/V. The as-grown samples also showed fairly good detector response with resolution of ∼1.5%, 2.7% and about 3.8% at 662 keV for quasi-hemispherical geometry for detector volumes of 0.18 cm3, 1 cm3 and 4.2 cm3, respectively.

Key Words:

  • crystal growth;
  • semiconducting;
  • II-VI