Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Section B. Biology

Research Article

VII.—Mollusca Orcadensia

Robert Rendalla1

a1 Kirkwall, Orkney


This paper brings together from all available sources records of marine mollusca indigenous to Orkney, together with notes on their local distribution. Besides incorporating the results of recent research it includes a brief account of work done in the islands by earlier conchologists. For convenience of reference the list of species follows the nomenclature and systematic arrangement used by the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland in Winckworth's revised list of the British Marine Mollusca. The small section on local collecting grounds may prove useful to future workers. A commentary seeks to relate the molluscan fauna of the islands to a wider context of distribution and draws attention to the seemingly characteristic western influence present in Orkney waters. A brief note is added on the non-marine mollusca of the islands.

(Received July 12 1955)

(Revised September 13 1955)