Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Research Article

IX.—The Cephalopoda of Scottish and Adjacent Waters

A. G. Stephena1

a1 Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh.

The literature of the Scottish Cephalopoda is, on the whole, rather scanty. Most of the references occur in more general faunistic lists, or are comparatively short notices in various periodicals. Except for Russell's work, which dealt almost exclusively with the collections of the former Fishery Board for Scotland and did not include references to the other Scottish species, there is no comprehensive paper devoted to the Scottish Cephalopoda. More attention has been paid to the subject in neighbouring countries. Massy (1928) has summarised previous work on the Irish species; Grimpe (1925) has dealt with the species of the North Sea, and Hertling (1929, 1936) has supplemented Grimpe's work with further notes on the Helgoland species; Grieg (1933) has described the Norwegian forms; Nielsen (1930) has listed the species occurring at the Faroes; Stevenson (1935) has described those found on the Yorkshire coast. Where references are made to the species occurring in the above-mentioned waters, these summaries only are quoted.

(Received April 30 1943)

(Revised January 21 1944)