Annual Review of Applied Linguistics


Corpus Research Applications in Second Language Teaching

Ute Römer


Over the past few decades, corpora have not only revolutionized linguistic research but have also had an impact on second language learning and teaching. In the field of applied linguistics, more and more researchers and practitioners treasure what corpus linguistics has to offer to language pedagogy. Still, corpora and corpus tools have yet to be widely implemented in pedagogical contexts. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of pedagogical corpus applications and to review recent publications in the area of corpus linguistics and language teaching. It covers indirect corpus applications, such as in syllabus or materials design, as well as direct applications of corpora in the second language classroom. The article aims to illustrate how both general and specialized language corpora can be used in these applications and discusses directions for future research in applied corpus linguistics.

(Online publication September 02 2011)

Ute Römer is currently the director of the applied corpus linguistics unit at the University of Michigan English Language Institute where she manages the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English and the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers projects. Her primary research interests and areas in which she has published include corpus linguistics, phraseology, and the application of corpora in language learning and teaching. Her current research focuses on student academic writing and on how corpus tools and methods can be used to identify meaningful units in specialized discourses.