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Social and Economic Life in Byzantium. By Nicolas Oikonomides. 224mm. Pp xiv+394, 13 b&w ills, 5 maps. Farnham: Ashgate, 2004. ISBN 0860789314. £90 (hbk).

Society, Culture and Politics in Byzantium. By Nicolas Oikonomides. 224mm. Pp xii+356, 46 b&w ills. Farnham: Ashgate, 2005. ISBN 0860789373. £80 (hbk).

Image and Imagination in Byzantine Art. By Henry Maguire. 244mm. Pp xiv+352, 231 b&w ills. Farnham: Ashgate, 2007. ISBN 97800754659075. £90 (hbk).

Guilds, Price Formation and Market Structures in Byzantium. By George C Maniatis. 224mm. Pp xvi+394. Farnham: Ashgate, 2009. ISBN 9780754659914. £100 (hbk).

Anna Muthesius

(Online publication August 17 2011)