British Journal of Nutrition

General Nutrition

The retention of ascorbic acid by guinea-pig tissues

R. E. Hughesa1, R. J. Hurleya1 and P. R. Jonesa1

a1 University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Cardiff


1. Male and female guinea-pigs with high tissue concentrations of L-xyloascorbic acid (ascorbic acid, AA) and male guinea-pigs with high tissue concentrations of D-araboascorbic acid (isoascorbic acid, isoAA) were given a scorbutogenic diet and the rates of depletino from various tissues were measured fro both isomers.

2. The loss of AA from the brain and eye lens was considerably less rapid than the loss from the adrenal glands, spleen and aqueous humour. After 14nd on the AA-free diet the AA concentrations in the brain and eye lens were 24 and 27% respectively of the initial concentrations; the corresponding values for the aqueous humour, adrenal glands and spleen were 3,4 and 5%. There was no apparent sex difference in the rate of loss of AA.

3. The loss of isoAA was much more rapid than that of AA in the spleen, adrenal glands and aqueous humour; in the brain and eye lens the depletion patterns of the two isomers were similar.

(Received November 12 1970)

(Accepted May 10 1971)