Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

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Islamic reception of Greek astronomy

George Salibaa1

a1 Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University, 606 West 122nd Str., New York, NY 10027, USA email:


Research in Islamic science over the last half century or so has clearly established that such old myths as Islamic science being a preservation of Greek science, or that science was always in conflict with religion in Islamic civilization as it was in Europe, or that the European scientific Renaissance was independent of outside influences –a European phenomenon par excellence– are now all subjects of great dispute if not altogether dead. In what follows I will illustrate the evidence that has put such myths into question with only few examples, since time and space do not allow me to elaborate more.


  • Greek astronomy;
  • Islam;
  • prayers;
  • qibla;
  • Copernicus;
  • Ibn al-Shāṭir;
  • Ṭūsī