Polar Record


The present location of the tent that Roald Amundsen left behind at the South Pole in December 1911

Olav Orheima1

a1 Fram Museum, Bygdoynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, Norway (oo@rcn.no)


Determining the present precise location of Amundsen's tent is a function of 1) the precision of Amundsen's navigation in 1911, 2) the flow of ice since then, and 3) the amount of burial by intervening snow fall. These factors are discussed and it is concluded that the best location that can be given for the tent in December 2011 is 89° 58′ 51″ S, 46° 14′ E, and lying 17 m below the present snow surface. The uncertainty in the position is 0.3 km, and is mainly related to uncertainties in the original positioning. It can be concluded with high certainty that the tent lies between 1.8 and 2.5 km from the South Pole.

(Received October 2010)

(Online publication January 21 2011)