Social Policy and Society

Themed Section on Remixing the Economy of Welfare? Changing Roles and Relationships between the State and the Voluntary and Community Sector

Re-Mixing Digital Economies in the Voluntary Community Sector? Governing Identity Information and Information Sharing in the Mixed Economy of Care for Children and Young People*

Rob Wilsona1, Mike Martina1, Sarah Walsha1 and Paul Richtera1

a1 Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University E-mail:


This article critically examines the governance of identity in the context of children's social care. There is a widespread assumption in government policy and technical practice that information can be integrated across organisations and sectors. This article questions these assertions using a case study (‘Mary's story’). It draws on a range of insights from the philosophy of Charles Pierce, information systems practice and social theory. This provides a platform to explore the governance of identity information for VCS organisations, service providers, and user(s). The logics of the governance of identity information in current and future service co-ordination and delivery are examined.

(Online publication June 01 2011)