Architectural Research Quarterly


Transferable knowledge: an interview with Bent Flyvbjerg

Inge Mette Kirkebya1

a1 Danish Building Research Institute, Dr. Neergaardsvej 15, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark,

The question of the nature of knowledge is vital in understanding the relation between research and practice. This question is vital, not least for architectural researchers since they often have to struggle with a rationalist ideal that research-based knowledge must be context-independent. But architects ‘know’ that this kind of knowledge does not cover the need for knowledge in architecture and design, a field between the humanities, social sciences and technology. Several volumes of arq contain articles and letters on this subject.

(Online publication May 13 2011)

Inge Mette Kirkeby is a Senior Researcher at the Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University. She is an architect, Ph.D. from Aarhus School of Architecture (dissertation on building conservation), and Dr. Tech. from KTH, Stockholm (dissertation on educational buildings). Among her other research interests is analytical use of architectural sketching.