Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

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XXIV.—On Old Red Sandstone Plants showing Structure, from the Rhynie Chert Bed, Aberdeenshire. Part II. Additional Notes on Rhynia Gwynne-Vaughani, Kidston and Lang; with Descriptions of Rhynia major, n.sp., and Hornea Lignieri, n.g., n.sp.

R. Kidston and W. H. Langa1

a1 Barker Professor of Cryptogamic Botany in the University of Manchester.

In Part I a general account was given of the silicified peat-bed found at Rhynie, and one vascular plant was described in detail under the name of Rhynia Gwynne-Vaughani. Further study has shown that there are two species of Rhynia which we now distinguish as Rhynia Gwynne-Vaughani and Rhynia major. The account in Part I applies to both these species. Along with them there occurs a plant of similar grade of organisation to Rhynia, though quite distinct from that genus: this we name Hornea Lignieri. Asteroxylon Machiei, on the other hand, which will be described in the next part, was a plant of larger size and much more complex morphology.

We are thus now able to establish the existence and main features of four archaic Vascular Cryptogams from the Rhynie bed. In the present paper additional notes on R. Gwynne-Vaughani are given, and R. major and Hornea Lignieri described in detail. In conclusion, the morphological bearings of the facts will be briefly considered.

(Received May 17 1919)