MRS Proceedings


Efficient TCAD Model for the Evolution of Interstitial Clusters, {311} Defects, and Dislocation Loops in Silicon

2007 MRS Spring Meeting.

Nikolas Zographosa1, Christoph Zechnera1 and Ibrahim Avcia2

a1 Synopsys Switzerland LLC, Zurich, CH-8050, Switzerland

a2 Synopsys, Inc., Mountain View, CA, 94043


The simulation of deep-submicron silicon-device manufacturing processes relies on predictive models for extended defect clusters. For submicroscopic interstitial clusters and {311} defects, an efficient and highly accurate model for process simulation has been developed and calibrated recently [1]. This model combines equations for three small interstitial clusters and two moments for {311} defects. In this work, we extend this model to include dislocation loops and to reproduce a greatly increased range of experimental data, including thermal annealing of end-of-range defects after amorphizing implants.

(Online publication April 21 2011)