International Psychogeriatrics


A comparative study of healthcare and placement needs among older forensic patients in a high secure versus medium/low secure hospital setting

Kavita Dasa1, Kevin Murraya2, Rick Driscolla3 and S Rao Nimmagaddaa3

a1 Farnham Road Hospital, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS foundation Trust, Guilford, Surrey, U.K. Email:

a2 Broadmoor Hospital, West London Mental Health Trust, Crowthorne, Berkshire, U.K.

a3 Thornford Park Hospital, Thatcham, Berkshire, U.K.

It is predicted that there will be a significant growth in the population aged over 65 years in the U.K., from 15.9% in 2000 to 23.3% in 2050, with the fastest growth rate being among the oldest old (United Nations, 2005). In line with such growth, there will be a commensurate increase in the population of older people suffering from psychiatric conditions. This will lead to a demand for increased health care services and the need for reorganization and prioritization of resources channeled into health care for this group.

(Online publication November 25 2010)