MRS Proceedings


Modified Polyaniline Nanofibres for Ascorbic Acid Detection

2010 MRS Fall Meeting.

Larisa Floreaa1, Emer Lahiffa1 and Dermot Diamonda1

a1 CLARITY: The Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland.


Polyaniline nanofibres (PAni) can be surface modified to improve electroactivity over a broader pH range. The technique we describe here can be used to attach carboxylic acid terminated substituents. Modified nanofibres maintain their high surface area, and ability to switch between different redox states. These properties make the material suitable for sensing applications. Unlike unmodified PAni, the functionalised material is self-doping and hence more stable in higher pH solutions. Here we demonstrate how modified PAni fibres can be used for the detection of ascorbic acid.

Key Words:

  • polymer;
  • chemical synthesis;
  • sensor