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The First BIALL Supplier of the Year Award: a Look Behind the Scenes at the Development Process

David Percik


David Percik, Chair of the BIALL Legal Information Group traces the history of this award, which was presented for the first time to Wildy's at the BIALL Conference in June 2010.

(Online publication March 10 2011)


  • awards;
  • BIALL;
  • vendor relations;
  • law librarians

David Percik is EU Librarian at the Law Society library, a post he has held for three-and-a-half years. He has been a member of BIALL's Legal Information Group since 2006 and the group's chair since February 2009. In this role he manages BIALL's relations with suppliers of legal information and discusses with them issues affecting law librarians across all sectors of the profession.