Journal of Materials Research


Banded structures in unstable combustion synthesis

H.P. Lia1

a1 Department of Information Management, Jin-Wen College of Business & Technology, Hsinten, Taipei, Taiwan


Banded structures in combustion-synthesized products have been observed during unstable combustion synthesis. The formation of the banded structures is discussed in this article. It is noted that the band spacing was changed when several initial processing conditions were varied. Any change in the processing parameters that correspondingly caused more unstable combustion was observed to decrease the propagation velocity of the combustion front and increase the band spacing. The correlation of the band spacing and oscillatory frequency of the unstable oscillatory combustion with the propagation velocity was also discussed. From the results studied in this work, it is noted that the change of the band spacing can be used to infer the degree of the instability of the combustion front.

(Received September 13 1994)

(Accepted March 03 1995)