Journal of Materials Research


Viscoelastic behavior of a soda-lime-silica glass in the 293–833 K range by micro-indentation

Haixia Shanga1, Tanguy Rouxela1 c1, Marc Buckleya1 and Cedric Bernarda1

a1 Laboratoire de Mecanique Appliquee de l’Universite de Rennes 1, LARMAUR, FRE-CNRS 2717, Universite de Rennes 1, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes cedex, France


The viscoelastic behavior of a soda-lime silica glass (a standard window glass) was investigated by means of Vickers indentation from room temperature to 833 K. Hardness values decrease gradually from 293 to 673 K and drop rapidly above 673 K. The flow kinetics of the glass at high temperature was analyzed in the light of atomic force microscopy observations. It was observed that densification significantly contributes to the permanent deformation at low temperatures, whereas volume conservative flow played a more and more important role as temperature was increased. Master curves of the relaxation modulus and the creep compliance were obtained from constant-rate and constant-load indentation experiments, respectively. A major finding was that the viscous flow process is nonlinear, with a sharp decrease of the apparent viscosity as the mean contact pressure increases.

(Received June 28 2005)

(Accepted September 23 2005)

(Online publication March 2006)

Key Words:

  • Creep;
  • Si


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