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Working Group Report

Harmonization of methodologies for the assessment of poultry meat quality features

M. PETRACCIa1 c1 and E. BAÉZAa2

a1 Department of Food Science, Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Piazza Goidanich 60, 47522 Cesena (FC), Italy

a2 INRA, UR83 Unité de Recherches Avicoles, 37380 Nouzilly, France


Many different methods measuring meat quality traits are available which are based on different principles, and instruments and/or probes. In view of the complexity of meat processes after slaughter and quality trait determination, it is not surprising that the results obtained in different studies and laboratories are not always in agreement. For comparison of results it is therefore necessary to keep strictly to measurable specifications, which is why standardisation is indispensable. The Working Group 5 Poultry Meat Quality group of the WPSA European Federation has been asked to produce a document which would serve as a common base methodology that would permit comparison between research projects carried out by different groups, based on international research programmes. This paper represents the first step of this work including chemical (moisture, total lipids, proteins, ash, fatty acid composition, cholesterol, susceptibility to oxidation, amino acids, collagen and pigments) and physical traits (pH, R-value, colour, water holding capacity, texture and sarcomere length). For the evaluation of chemical composition, there are standard methods available which are largely adopted in the majority of published papers. However, there is still a need to standardise methods for determining the physical traits to facilitate comparisons between studies and to provide reference values.

(Received August 10 2010)

(Accepted November 22 2010)

Key Words:

  • meat quality;
  • analysis;
  • harmonization


c1 Corresponding author:

Recommendation of WPSA WG5 “Poultry Meat Quality”