Journal of Materials Research

Reviews—Organic Electronics Special Section

Organic thin film transistors: From theory to real devices

Gilles Horowitza1 c1

a1 ITODYS, CNRS-UMR 7086, Université Denis-Diderot, 1 rue Guy de la Brosse, 75005 Paris, France


The organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) is now a mature device that has developed tremendously during the last twenty years. The aim of this paper is to update previous reviews on that matter that have been published in the past. The operating mode of OTFTs is analyzed in view of recent model development. This mainly concerns the distribution of charges in the conducting channel and problems connected with contact resistance. We also delineate what differentiates n- and p-type semiconductors, and show how this concept differs from what it covers in conventional semiconductors. In the chapter devoted to fabrication techniques, emphasis is placed on solution-based techniques and particularly printing processes. Similarly, soluble materials are given a prominent place in the section dedicated to the performance of devices. Finally, special attention is given to devices at the nanoscale level, which demonstrate a new route toward molecular electronics.

(Received December 26 2003)

(Accepted April 02 2004)

Key Words:

  • Organic;
  • Semiconductor;
  • Electrical properties


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