MRS Proceedings

Table of Contents - Volume  401  - Symposium G – Epitaxial Oxide Thin Films II  

Editors : D.K. Fork, T. Shiosaki, J.S. Speck, R.W. Wolf


Epitaxial Niobate Thin Films and Their Nonlinear Optical Properties

1995 MRS Fall Meeting.

B. W. Wesselsa1, M. J. Nystroma1, J. Chena2, D. Studebakera2 and T. J. Marksa2

a1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and the Materials Research Center

a2 Department of Chemistry, and the Materials Research Center Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208


Ferroelectric oxide thin films show considerable potential as electro-optic and non-linear optical materials. Of particular interest are the niobates such as strontium barium niobate and potassium niobate. The growth of these epitaxial oxide films by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) has been investigated. This technique has yielded epitaxial thin films with excellent non-linear optical properties. Issues concerning the epitaxy of these thin films and its relationship to their optical and nonlinear optical properties are discussed.