MRS Proceedings


New Energetic Epoxy Binders

1995 MRS Fall Meeting.

S. R. Jaina1 and S. Amanullaa1

a1 AE Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, INDIA, sampat @ aero. iisc. ernet. in


A new class of epoxy resins having N-N bonds in the backbone has been synthesized with a view to explore their properties as energetic binders. The N-epoxidation of bis-dicarbonylhydrazones of adipic, azelaic and sebacic dihydrazides results in the formation of viscous resins having epoxide end groups. The resins have been characterized by the elemental and end group analyses, IR and NMR spectra. Relevant properties for their use as binders in solid propellants, such as thermal stability, heat of combustion, burn rate and performance parameters of AP-based propellant systems, have been evaluated. A significant increase in the burn rate of AP-based propellants noticed, is perhaps related to the exothermicity of the binder decomposition and the reactivity of N-N bonds with perchloric acid formed during the combustion of AP.