MRS Proceedings


The Application of Silver Oxide Thin Films to Plasmon Photonic Devices

2002 MRS Spring Meeting.

Junji Tominagaa1, Dorothea Büchela1, Christophe Mihalceaa1, Takayuki Shimaa1 and Toshio Fukayaa1

a1 Laboratory for Advanced Optical Technology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, 1-1-1 Higashi, Tsukuba, 305-8562, Japan


RF-magnetron sputtered thin films of silver oxide (AgOx) were recently applied to ultra-high density optical data storage. It has been elucidated that the AgOx film sandwiched by protection layers shows very attractive characteristics in strong light-scattering, local plasmon generation and super-resolution by focussing a laser beam on it. Especially, the combination with an active recording film (optical phase change or magneto-optical) used in the currently recordable optical disks improves the storage density and overcomes the diffraction limit. In this paper, we describe the basic characteristics of nano-scale light scattering centers generated in the AgOx films and the interaction with ultra-high density recorded mark patterns in a near-field region. In addition, we provide the structural transition of the AgOx film by thermal and laser annealing treatment.