MRS Proceedings


Modeling and Simulation of n-Type Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors Using Ca as Contact Electrodes

2007 MRS Spring Meeting.

Aurangzeb Khana1, A. Q.S Shaha2 and Jihua Goua3

a1, University of South Alabama, Electrical Engineering, 307 university Blvd, ECEB51, Mobile, AL 36688, Mobile, AL, 36688, United States, 2514606923

a2, University of south Alabama, ECE, 307 university Blvd., Mobile, AL, 36688, United States

a3, University of South Alabama, Mechanical Engineering, 307 University Blvd., Mobile, AL, 36688, United States


In this research work, a model has been proposed in view of the recent experimental demonstration using Calcium (Ca) as a contact metal to realize the n-type carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFET). In order to fully optimize this proposed device model, effects of different parameters like the work function, oxide thickness, the oxide capacitance and the source velocity limits were studied. Among all the parameters, the work function of the contact metal plays an important role for controlling the flow of carriers through the carbon nanotube channel and to reduce the threshold voltage. A semi-classical simulation of the proposed n-type CNTFET has been performed. Results show an excellent subthreshold swing value of 62.91 mV/decade, close to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS) specifications.

(Received April 30 2007)

(Accepted June 08 2007)

Key Words

  • nanoscale;
  • nanostructure;
  • devices