Journal of Materials Research


Residual stress in fiber-textured thin films of cubic materials

P. Scardia1 c1 and Y. H. Donga1

a1 Dipartimento di Ingegneria dei Materiali, Universita á di Trento, 38050 Mesiano (TN), Italy


The effect of fiber texture on the x-ray residual stress analysis in thin films of cubic materials is discussed according to different mechanical models. The x-ray elastic constants (XECs) were calculated from single-crystal elastic constants for Cu, cubic ZrO2, and TiN, in the case of a typical [111] fiber texture with different spread of orientations [expressed by the half-width at half-maximum of the (111) pole figure]. Calculations were performed according to Reuss, Voigt, and Hill models, considering different crystallographic directions in cubic structures, in order to underline the effect of the mechanical anisotropy and fiber texture. The results clearly indicated the dependence of the XECs on the sample tilting angle, with the notable exception of [111] and [200], which were texture oscillation-free directions. Profiting from this condition the residual stress gradient in a fiber-textured TiN thin film deposited on stainless steel was determined by the simultaneous analysis of texture and residual strain for the (111) and (200) reflections. Advantages and limits of the procedure are discussed together with the experimental results.

(Received October 18 1999)

(Accepted October 09 2000)


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