Journal of Materials Research


Semiconductor nanowires from oxides

S. T. Leea1 c1, Y. F. Zhanga1, N. Wanga1, Y. H. Tanga1, I. Belloa1, C. S. Leea1 and Y. W. Chunga2

a1 Center of Super-Diamond and Advanced Films and Department of Physics and Materials Science, The City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

a2 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northern University, Evanston, Illinois


Highly pure, ultralong, and uniform-sized semiconductor nanowires in bulk quantity were synthesized by thermal evaporation or laser ablation of semiconductor powders mixed with oxides. Transmission electron microscopy study shows that decomposition of semiconductor suboxides and defect structures play important roles in enhancing the formation and growth of high-quality nanowires. A new growth mechanism is proposed on the basis of microstructure and different morphologies of the nanowires observed.

(Received July 06 1999)

(Accepted September 13 1999)


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