Journal of Materials Research


In situ X-ray Investigation of Hydrogen Charging in Thin Film Bimetallic Electrodes

Najeh M. Jisrawia1, Harold Wiesmanna1, M. W. Ruckmana1, T. R. Thurstona1, G. Reisfelda1, B. M. Ockoa1 and Myron Strongina1

a1 Department of Physics, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York 11973


Hydrogen uptake and discharge by thin metallic films under potentiostatic control was studied using x-ray diffraction at the National Synchroton Light Source (NSLS). The formation of metal-hydrogen phases in Pd, Pd-capped Nb, and Pd/Nb multilayer electrode structures was deduced from x-ray diffraction data and correlated with the cyclic voltammetry (CV) peaks. The x-ray data were also used to construct a plot of the hydrogen concentration as a function of cell potential for a multilayered thin film.

(Received July 01 1996)

(Accepted May 01 1997)