Journal of Materials Research


Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel derived hexa-aluminate phosphors

D. Ravichandrana1, R. Roya1, W. B. Whitea1 and S. Erdeia1

a1 Materials Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802


Two refractory phosphors, BaMg2Al16O27: Eu2+ (BAM) and MgAl11O17.5: Ce3+, Tb3+ (MAO), have been synthesized both by the conventional solid-state processing route (using oxides as the starting materials) and by reacting precursors made by the sol-gel process using organic precursors. The phases formed were reacted at 1000 °C in (a) steam and (b) steam + AlF3. The phosphors were well crystallized with particle sizes in the range of 1–10 μm. The emission spectra showed the characteristic broad band blue emission of Eu2+ for BAM and a narrow band green luminescence of Tb3+ for MAO. The melting points of BAM and MAO were measured to be 1920 ± 20 °C and 1950 ± 20 °C, respectively, using an Ir-strip furnace and optical pyrometer. BAM and MAO phosphor materials are congruently and incongruently melting, respectively. Excellent crystallization via the sol-gel route was found even at 1220 °C. Enhancement of the luminescent output by the steam treatment by some 25% was determined.

(Received September 19 1995)

(Accepted September 09 1996)