MRS Proceedings


Maximum Energy that can be Harvested from a Dielectric Elastomer Generator

2009 MRS Fall Meeting.

Adrian Koha1



Mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy using a dielectric elastomer generator (DEG). The maximum amount of energy that can be harvested from a DEG is constrained by various modes of failure and operational limits. Known limiting mechanisms include electrical breakdown, electromechanical instability, loss of tension and rupture by stretch. These limits define a cycle where maximum energy can be harvested. The cycle was represented on work-conjugate planes, which can be used as a guide for the design of practical cycles. The amount of energy harvested is larger when a DEG is subject to equal-biaxial stretching.

(Received November 13 2009)

(Accepted September 07 2010)

Key Words

  • polymer;
  • dielectric;
  • energy generation