MRS Proceedings


Tetherless, 3D, Micro-Nanoscale Tools and Devices for Lab on a Chip Applications

2009 MRS Spring Meeting.

David H Graciasa1

a1, Johns Hopkins University, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 3400 N Charles Street, 125 Maryland Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, 21218, United States, 410-516-5284, 410-516-5510


On the macroscale, a laboratory scientist uses a large number of tools such as flasks, crucibles, spatulas, filter funnels, test tube holders and grippers. If laboratory procedures are to be miniaturized within chips, micro and nanoscale analogs of these macroscopic tools could provide enhanced functionality. In this paper, I describe research efforts in our group aimed at engineering three dimensional, tetherless and lithographically patterned miniaturized structures for lab on a chip applications.

(Received April 06 2009)

(Accepted April 28 2009)

Key Words

  • microelectro-mechanical (MEMS);
  • self-assembly;
  • fluidics