International Psychogeriatrics

Case Report

Bupropion in the treatment of depression in Parkinson's disease

Maria Załuskaa1 and Agnieszka Dyducha2 c1

a1 IV Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland

a2 Department of Psychiatry, Bielański Hospital, Warsaw, Poland


A 78-year-old female with a nine-year history of depression was hospitalized due to worsening depression and symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease (PD). Her motor abilities improved on levodopa and the depression improved after a trial of bupropion, following unsuccessful treatment with other antidepressants. We found four reports on successful treatment of depression in PD with bupropion. However, no controlled double-blind studies have been conducted so clinicians should be cautious when administering bupropion in depression in PD.

(Received January 19 2010)

(Revised March 11 2010)

(Revised July 15 2010)

(Accepted July 15 2010)

(Online publication September 01 2010)


c1 Correspondence should be addressed to: Agnieszka Dyduch, Oddział Psychiatrii, Szpital Bielański, Cegłowska 80, 01-809 Warsaw, Poland. Phone: +48 601 178 946; Fax. +48 22 864 47 46. Email: