Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Meat or wheat for the next millennium? A Debate Pro veg

The nutritional adequacy of plant-based diets

T. A. B. Sandersa1 c1

a1 Nutrition Food & Health Research Centre, King's College London, Campden Hill Road, London W8 7AH, UK


The nutritional adequacy of plant-based diets is discussed. Energy and protein intakes are similar for plant-based diets compared with those containing meat. Fe and vitamin B12 are the nutrients most likely to be found lacking in such diets. Bioactive substances present in foods of plant origin significantly influence the bioavailability of minerals and requirements for vitamins. Well-balanced vegetarian diets are able to support normal growth and development. It is concluded that meat is an optional rather than an essential constituent of human diets.


c1 *Corresponding author: Dr Tom Sanders, fax +44 (0)171 333 4273, email