Ethics & International Affairs

Debate: Global Poverty Relief

More Than Charity: Cosmopolitan Alternatives to the “Singer Solution”

Andrew Kuper

Nothing is more politically important to think about, and act upon, than global poverty relief. Numbers can mask the human faces of poverty, but they do bring out its scale: Today, any day, 30,000 children under the age of five will die from preventable illness and starvation. A further 163 million children who will survive this day are severely undernourished. Some 1.2 billion people will try to subsist on less than one dollar a day, while 2.4 billion will not have access to basic sanitation.

Andrew Kuper is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge University. He was the visiting Henry Fellow at Harvard University in 1999-2000. His research interests include moral and political philosophy, democracy and development, and global politics. Among his recent publications are “Rawl-sian Global Justice,” which appeared in Political Theory (2000), and “Serving a New Democracy:Must the Media ‘Speak Softly’?” in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research (2001).