Ethics & International Affairs


Humanitarian Intervention: Three Ethical Positions1

Pierre Laberge


The three ethical positions Laberge outlines are: (1) “Rawlsian ethics,” which are distinct from the ethics of Immanuel Kant and John Rawls himself; (2) the position of Michael Walzer adapted from J. S. Mill; and (3) the position most recently articulated by the Canadian philosopher Howard Adelman on the “Anglo-American” debate, which developed out of Walzer's position. These three positions, Laberge writes, are “an ethics of human rights, ethics of the right to a historical community, and an ethics of peace

Pierre Laberge is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa and a former President of the Canadian Philosophical Association. He is the author of La théologie kantienne précritique and numerous articles on Kant's theoretical and practical philosophy. Three of his papers on Kant's Perpetual Peace will appear shortly, one of them entitled De Kant à Kenneth N. Waltz et retour. He is currently working on a book entitled L'éthique internationale.


1 The original French version of this article will appear in the spring 1995 issue of Revue québécoise de droit international. The English version was translated by John Thorp and revised by Pierre Laberge and Peter McCormick.