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Research Article

Insulin action and non-esterified fatty acids

E. Ferranninia1, S. Camastraa1, S. W. Coppacka2, D. Flisera3, A. Golaya4 and A. Mitrakoua5

on behalf of the European Group for the study of insulin resistance (EGIR)


a1 CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, Via Savi 8, 56126 Pisa, Italy

a2 Centre for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk, University College London Medical School, Whittington Hospital, London N19 3UA

a3 Department of Internal Medicine, Ruperto-Carola University, Heidelberg, Germany

a4 Department of Medicine, Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

a5 Second Department of Internal Medicine, Propaedeutic, Athens University, Athens, Greece


* For details, see Appendix.