Journal of Materials Research


High-temperature oxidation of ion-plated TiN and TiAlN films

Hiroshi Ichimuraa1 and Atsuo Kawanaa1

a1 Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., Central Research Laboratory 18-5, 3 Chome, Nakakokubun Ichikawa 272, Japan


The high-temperature oxidation of TiN, Ti0.9Al0.1N, and Ti0.6Al0.4N films which were deposited onto stainless steel substrates using an arc ion-plating apparatus was studied at temperatures ranging from 923 to 1173 K for 0.6 to 60 ks in air. The oxidation rate obtained from mass gain as a function of time was found to fit well to a parabolic time dependence. From their temperature dependence, the apparent activation energies of oxidation were determined. With increasing Al contents, the oxidation rate decreased, and the activation energies of oxidation reaction increased. Formed oxide layers were analyzed by XRD, SEM, and EPMA. With increased Al content in TiAlN films, the rate-determining step changes from oxygen ion diffusion in formed rutile to oxygen or aluminum ion diffusion in the formed Al2O3 layer.

(Received October 08 1992)

(Accepted December 14 1992)