Journal of Materials Research


On glass formation in rapidly solidified aluminum-based alloys

Q. Lia1 p1, E. Johnsona1, A. Johansena1 and L. Sarholt-Kristensena1

a1 Physics Laboratory, H. C. rsted Institute, University of Copenhagen, DK-2100 Copenhagen , Denmark


Thermodynamic properties of the melts of several Al–Y and Al–Fe–Y alloys are studied by means of calibrated differential thermal analysis. The results can be used to optimize process parameters of rapid solidification which are important for glass formation in the Al-based alloys. Close examinations of the melt-spun alloys show that the process parameters, particularly the temperature of the melts, will influence not only the amorphicity and the chemical short-range order but also the crystallization process of the glasses. A key point of glass formation in the Al-based alloys is found to be related to the content in the melts of a certain amount of the intermetallic compounds which are gradually dissolved in the premelted α Al matrix.

(Received September 10 1991)

(Accepted June 23 1992)


p1 Present address: NKT Research Center, Sognevej 11, DK-2605 Brndby, Denmark.