Journal of Materials Research


Space-charge-limited-current conduction in heteroepitaxial 3C–SiC (111) on TiC (111)

S.H. Tana1, C.P. Beetz Jr.a1, J.M. Carulli Jr.a1, B.Y. Lina1 and D.F. Cummingsa1

a1 Advanced Technology Materials, Inc., Danbury, Connecticut 06810


Unintentionally doped 3C–SiC (111) films were grown on TiC (111) substrates. The films were characterized by electrical measurements employing Pt Schottky contacts, optical microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The observed current-voltage (I-V) characteristics appear to be dominated by space-charge-limited-current (SCLC) conduction in the films. Analysis of the I-V characteristics has resulted in information pertaining to the electrically active defects in the films. These active defects are believed to be associated with stacking faults and point defects present in the films and contribute to traps at xs223C0.656 eV below the conduction band edge. The concentration of traps was found to vary with film thickness and surface morphology.

(Received October 28 1991)

(Accepted March 25 1992)