Journal of Materials Research


Imaging of stacking faults in highly oriented pyrolytic graphite using scanning tunneling microscopy

S.R. Snydera1, T. Foeckea1, H.S. Whitea1 and W.W. Gerbericha1

a1 Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455


Scanning tunneling microscopy images of the (0001) plane of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite show defect regions consisting of an extensive network of partial dislocations that form extended and contracted nodes. The partial dislocations in hexagonal graphite enclose triangular regions (xs223C1000 nm on a side) of faulted material comprised of rhombohedral graphite. Electronic and elastic interactions of the tip with the HOPG surface are proposed to explain the observed image contrast between hexagonal and rhombohedral graphite.

(Received April 15 1991)

(Accepted October 08 1991)