Journal of Materials Research


Classification and consequences of complex lead perovskite ferroelectrics with regard to B-site cation order

C. A. Randalla1, A. S. Bhallaa1, T. R. Shrouta1 and L. E. Crossa1

a1 Materials Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802


From a number of studies on ferroelectric and related materials based on complex lead perovskites [Pb(Bx′B1−x″)O3], it is apparent that the B-site cation order influences the crystallography, phase transitions, and other physical properties. A classification of complex lead perovskites is presented based on the relative scale of long-range cation order. In particular, we discuss the implications of cation order in relation to relaxor and normal ferroelectric behavior.

(Received October 27 1989)

(Accepted December 08 1989)