Journal of Materials Research


Analytic embedded atom method model for bcc metals

R. A. Johnsona1 and D. J. Oha1

a1 Materials Science Department, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901


The requirements for fitting bcc metals within the EAM format are discussed and, for comparative purposes, the EAM format is cast in a normalized form. A general embedding function is defined and an analytic first- and second-neighbor model is presented. The parameters in the model are determined from the cohesive energy, the equilibrium lattice constant, the three elastic constants, and the unrelaxed vacancy formation energy. Increasing the elastic constants, increasing the elastic anisotropy ratio, and decreasing the unrelaxed vacancy formation energy favor stability of a close-packed lattice over bcc. A stable bcc lattice relative to close packing is found for nine bcc metals, but this scheme cannot generate a model for Cr because the elastic constants of Cr require a negative curvature of the embedding function.

(Received December 27 1988)

(Accepted May 31 1989)