The Lichenologist

Research Article

Parmeliella borbonica, a new lichen species from Réunion

Per M. JØRGENSENa1 and Felix SCHUMMa2

a1 Department of Natural History, Bergen Museum, University of Bergen, Allégt.-41, N-5007 Bergen, Norway.

a2 Mozart str. 9, BRD-73117 Wangen, Germany.


The new species Parmeliella borbonica is described. It belongs in a small group of species, which, unlike all other Parmeliella species except those of the Parmeliella mariana group, have thalline squamulose margins of the apothecia, and are thus superficially reminiscent of Pannaria. The group is mainly Indo-pacific. A key to the species is given. Parmeliella borbonica appears to be an addition to the many remarkable endemic members of the Pannariaceae found in Réunion which has retained old Gondwana elements, as its lowland forests have not been destroyed as much as those in the neighbouring region. The very rare Coccocarpia imbricascens Nyl. was found as new to the island, and the rare endemic Pannaria multifida P. M. Jørg close to its type locality.

(Accepted June 23 2010)