International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies

Original Article

Integrated 79 GHz UWB automotive radar front-end based on Hi-Mission MCM-D silicon platform

Duncan Platta1 c1, Lars Petterssona1, Darius Jakonisa1, Michael Saltera1 and Joacim Haglunda1

a1 Acreo Microelectronics Group, Bredgatan 34, 60221 Norrköping, Sweden.


A highly integrated silicon platform (Hi-Mission) for high frequency applications is introduced. This platform utilizes heterogeneous Multi-Chip Module-Deposited (MCM-D) technology with integrated passive devices together with silicon and GaAs Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology developed for the automotive Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar (short-range radar) frequency band from 77 to 81 GHz. Developments are described in the area of MCM-D process development, MMIC, integrated phased array antenna, module design, and assembly process development. The demonstrator is composed of two test vehicles designed for conducted and radiated measurements, respectively. Test results are presented at the component and module level.

(Received December 23 2009)

(Revised April 30 2010)

(Online publication July 07 2010)


  • MMIC design;
  • millimeter-wave platform;
  • automotive radar;
  • phased array antennas;
  • MCM-D technology;
  • FMCW radar;
  • integrated passive devices


c1 Corresponding author: D. Platt Email: