Archaeologia (Second Series)

Research Article

I.—The ‘Tomb of the Double Axes’ and Associated Group, and the Pillar Rooms and Ritual Vessels of the ‘Little Palace’ at Knossos

Sir Arthur Evans

The discovery of the ‘Royal Tomb’ on the upland plateau of described by me in Archaeologia in 1906, has had an important sequel. a quarter of a mile farther north of the same headland, on the edge of the that here overlooks the site of the ancient harbour-town of Knossos, a Minoan tombs has since been unearthed, some of which throw a wholly on the sepulchral cult in vogue during the earlier part of the Late Minoan One tomb indeed, that of ‘the Double Axes’, to be described below, points of structural and religious interest to a degree altogether among the early sepultures of the Aegean lands.