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Excavations at Wookey Hole and other Mendip Caves, 1926–7

H. E. Balch

In the winter of 1926–7 the owner of Wookey Hole, Capt. G. W. Hodgkinson, undertook the cleansing and opening up of this great cave, and its illumination by electricity. He gave me control of the work, which has been carried out with scrupulous care to ensure that nothing undesirable should be done.

Incidentally, the considerable exploration which it was my privilege to carry out some years ago provided a useful startingpoint for the further development of the entrance gallery (the old cave-dwelling), and that portion still remains in the condition in which we then left it, apart from the erection of a rude supporting pillar of conglomerate, where a great hanging rock near the entrance threatened danger to visitors.