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Epidemiology and Infection (2010), 138:1016-1024 Cambridge University Press
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Viral infections

Association of HIV transmission categories with sociodemographic, viroimmunological and clinical parameters of HIV-infected patients

J. COLLAZOSa1 c1, V. ASENSIa2 and J. A. CARTONa2 for the Grupo Español para el Estudio Multifactorial de la Adherencia (GEEMA)

a1 Section of Infectious Diseases, Hospital de Galdácano, Vizcaya, Spain
a2 Section of Infectious Diseases, Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Oviedo, Spain
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To analyse sociodemographic, viroimmunological and clinical parameters in different HIV-transmission categories at baseline and during treatment, 3039 patients were followed up for 12 months after the initiation of a nelfinavir-based regimen. Multiple baseline parameters were significantly different in the diverse categories, including CD4 counts (P<0·0001) and viral load (P=0·02). There were differences in the groups regarding the CD4 response (P=0·01), but not the virological response (P=0·4), to therapy over time. Multivariate analyses revealed that transmission categories were significantly related to baseline CD4 counts (P=0·01), viral load at 12 months (P=0·0006), poorer adherence to therapy of injecting drug users (IDUs) vs. each of the other groups (P<0·001) and failure to complete the 12-month evaluation of IDU vs. heterosexual (P=0·003) and men who have sex with men (MSM) groups (P=0·02). We conclude that transmission categories had a significant influence on several baseline parameters and viroimmunological outcomes following highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), as well as on adherence to therapy and to medical appointments.

(Accepted November 05 2009)

(Online publication November 27 2009)

Key Words:CD4 counts; clinical outcomes; epidemiological factors; HIV transmission categories; viral load


c1 Author for correspondence: Dr J. Collazos, Section of Infectious Diseases, Hospital de Galdácano-Usánsolo, 48960 Vizcaya, Spain. (Email: med003033@saludalia.com)