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Efficacy and safety of a feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine

Chengjin Huanga1 c1, Douglas Conleea1, Jennifer Loopa1, Deborah Champa1, Mike Gilla1 and Hsien-Jue (Steve) Chua1

a1 Fort Dodge Animal Health, 800 5th Street NW, Fort Dodge, IA 50501, USA


Fel-O-Vax FIV is an inactivated virus vaccine designed as an aid in the prevention of infection of cats, 8 weeks or older, by feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). It contains two genetically distinct FIV strains. The efficacy of this vaccine was demonstrated in a vaccination–challenge study designed to meet various regulatory requirements for registering the vaccine. Eight-week-old kittens were vaccinated with an immunogenicity vaccine which contained minimal release levels of FIV antigens formulated with a proprietary adjuvant system. Twelve months later, all vaccinates and controls were challenged with a heterologous FIV strain. Following the vigorous challenge exposure, cats were monitored for FIV viremia. It was found that 16% of the vaccinated cats developed viremia while 90% of the controls became persistently infected with FIV, which demonstrated that the vaccine was efficacious and the protective immunity lasted for at least 12 months. The safety of the vaccine was demonstrated by a field safety trial in which only 22 mild reactions of short duration were observed following administering 2051 doses of two pre-licensing serials of Fel-O-Vax FIV to cats of various breeds, ages and vaccination histories. Thus, Fel-O-Vax FIV is safe and efficacious for the prevention of FIV infection in cats.


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